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FFI membership

‚ÄčThe Federation of Finnish Financial Services represents nearly all banks, insurers, finance houses, securities dealers, fund management companies and financial employers operating in Finland. It has about 380 members, who employ about 40,000 people.

Federation members:

  • Credit institutions
    • Commercial banks, etc
    • Co-operative banks (OP Group)
    • POP Bank Group
    • Savings Banks Group
  • Insurers
    • Life insurance companies
    • Authorised pension insurance companies
    • Non-life insurance companies
  • Finance houses
  • Investment firms
  • Fund management companies
  • Other
  • Members involved in labour market lobbying only

List of members

Membership in the FFI

FFI membership is available to credit institutions, finance houses that belong to financial groups, mutual funds, investment firms, insurance companies and local mutual insurance associations.

The Board of the Federation decides on the membership admission. More information on membership can be requested from the Secretary of the Board, Lea Mäntyniemi (

Membership fees consist of the basic subscription, industry policy work subscription and labour market policy work subscription. More details on the membership fees are provided in the FFI rules