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Responsibility in the financial sector

In the financial sector, responsibility means adherence to the principles of sustainable development and the operating principles of the sector. These include for example the codes of good banking practice and good insurance practice. The financial sector pays attention to the needs of its interest groups and the requirements of legislation, and takes into account the social, ecological and economic effects of its operations.

The purpose of corporate social responsibility is not only to minimise risks, but to create additional value. The financial sector is a significant contributor to the whole stability of the society. Companies in the sector are heavily regulated and closely monitored.

The financial sector promotes matters such as loss prevention, responsible investing and lending, e-Services, and the well-being of financial employees. The sector also actively reports its social responsibility activities.

The FFI has made two commitments to sustainable development. The commitments aim for wise, sustainable use of resources and smaller carbon footprints.

The improvement of financial literacy is another of the sector's central responsibility themes. All Finns should be well-versed in managing their personal economy and understand the principles of operating in the financial market.


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