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Responsibility in the financial sector

The Finnish financial sector operates responsibly. This means adhering to sustainable development principles and the good practices collectively established by the sector. In addition to legislative compliance, the financial sector also considers the social, economic and environmental impact of its operations.

The sector invests in loss prevention and promotes responsible investing and lending, electronic services, and the wellbeing of the sector’s employees. Sector operators actively report their own corporate responsibility measures.

The Finnish financial sector supports the internationally agreed target of limiting global warming below two degrees Celsius. Climate change has detrimental effects also on financial stability. The financial sector has a leading role in developing environmentally friendly investments.

Improving the younger generation's financial literacy is one of the sector's key goals in terms of responsibility. All Finns should have good knowledge and skills in the management of personal finances, as well as an understanding of how the markets function.

FFI has made several commitments to sustainable development. The commitments aim for wise, sustainable use of resources and smaller carbon footprints.


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