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Statistics and sector reports

​FFI regularly publishes sector reports based on the performance analyses of banks and insurers. We also compile statistical data from the entire financial sector.

 Sector reports



Finnish Banking in 2018 Banking in 201826.8.2019 21:00:00Banking27.8.2019 11:51:0026.8.2019 21:00:00Banking
Finnish Insurance in 2018 Insurance in 20188.8.2019 21:00:00Insurance9.8.2019 14:12:398.8.2019 21:00:00Insurance
Finnish Banking in 2017 Banking in 201719.9.2018 21:00:00Banking17.9.2018 13:15:5319.9.2018 21:00:00Banking
Finnish insurance in 2017 insurance in 201728.6.2018 21:00:00Insurance27.6.2018 11:42:0928.6.2018 21:00:00Insurance
Finnish Insurance in 2016 Insurance in 201626.6.2017 21:00:00Insurance27.6.2017 10:30:5926.6.2017 21:00:00Insurance

 Statistics on the financial sector



Economic Forecasts Forecasts1.10.2019 21:00:00Financial sector2.10.2019 10:40:351.10.2019 21:00:00Financial sector
Monthly financial statistics financial statistics2.5.2017 21:00:00Financial sector3.5.2017 9:51:122.5.2017 21:00:00Financial sector
Banking group employees and offices 2015 group employees and offices 201525.4.2016 21:00:00Banking2.5.2016 14:44:0125.4.2016 21:00:00Banking
Banks market shares 2014 market shares 201420.1.2016 22:00:00Banking9.4.2015 15:52:1420.1.2016 22:00:00Banking
Financial Services Statistics 2014 Services Statistics 201410.8.2015 21:00:00Financial sector11.8.2015 12:24:3510.8.2015 21:00:00Financial sector
Financial Services Statistics 2013 Services Statistics 20133.6.2014 21:00:00Financial sector4.6.2014 14:08:173.6.2014 21:00:00Financial sector