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Electronic vehicle insurance and registration

​A vehicle must have a valid motor liability insurance before it can be registered. Practically all registration notifications contain information that is also in the vehicle’s insurance policy and has an effect on the insurance.

More than 2.2 million registration notifications are made each year. From November 2015 onwards, it will be possible to register and insure a vehicle simultaneously in an insurance company's system. Combining insuring and registration into once process will streamline existing operating models. Automation will decrease the amount of manual work and the cost of the process. A customer who needs registration services also avoids having to travel to the office by using online services. 

Finance Finland (FFI), the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre (LVK), and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi have together made a commitment to sustainable development. The aim of the commitment is to promote the new registration method and to reduce the carbon footprint of registration.

New registration method

The Finnish law currently requires that when a vehicle is purchased, the new owner or permanent keeper must take out statutory motor liability insurance and register the vehicle to the Vehicle Register maintained by Trafi. The insurance can be taken out through an insurance company’s online service, but registration requires a visit to a registration office. Many offices already provide both registration and insurance services, but still use insurance company and Trafi systems side by side.

According to preliminary calculations, the CO2 emissions caused by vehicle registration may drop by half after November, when the new vehicle registration option becomes available to customers. These calculations were made by the sustainability consultancy Natural Interest Ltd. More detailed results from the calculations will be available later this year. Progress of the collaborative commitment by FFI, LVK and Trafi will be monitored through several indicators for the next four years.

Towards a carbon neutral society

The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development is responsible for adapting sustainable development goals into Finland’s national policies. The society’s commitment means that public administration, companies, organisations and private citizens all make a commitment to promoting sustainable development in their own work. In line with the sustainable development objectives set by the government, the commitment signed by Finance Finland, the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre, and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi emphasises wise, sustainable use of resources to move the society towards carbon-neutrality. 

Materials on the commitment

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