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​Banks' Tupas Identification Service allows e-service providers to identify their consumer customers using strong electronic identification. The service is also used for electronic signatures. Service providers can build a uniform Tupas interface that works with all banks, and the customer uses the same bank-specific identifiers that they use in the bank's own online services.

Tupas Identification Principles v.2.0c

Tupas Service Description and Service Provider's Guidelines v.2.4

Older versions and Finnish language versions can be found in Technical documents.

The TUPAS identification specifications will not comply with the new requirements of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s (FICORA) regulation 72 on electronic identification and trust services as of 1 October 2019. 

FICORA: eServices must prepare for changes in banking credentials-based identification

FICORA: Recommendations 212/2018 S (SAML) and 213/2018 S (OIDC) on interfaces of the Finnish Trust Network

FICORA: Strong electronic identification, electronic signatures and certificates


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