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Investment adviser exams now readily available adviser exams now readily available10.10.2018 12:15:00<div class="ExternalClass488DA58BE8A14A67944B54850263A9F7"><p>​<strong>The Finnish investment services exams can now be taken at libraries at a time of the candidate's own choosing. Finance Finland (FFI) recommends that everyone working in investment services in its member companies should complete the General Securities Qualification (APV1). Supervisors and those working in expert advisory and management positions should also complete the more extensive Investment Adviser Qualification (APV2).</strong></p></div>5
FFI’s Kivisaari appointed the new chairperson of the Actuarial Association of Europe’s-Kivisaari-appointed-the-new-chairperson-of-the-Actuarial-Association-of-Europe.aspxFFI’s Kivisaari appointed the new chairperson of the Actuarial Association of Europe25.9.2018 10:06:00<div class="ExternalClass6C5CA806F7364CB1B3E75BA1B5CEE564"><p>​<strong>Esko Kivisaari, deputy managing director at Finance Finland (FFI), begins his term at the helm of the Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE). Kivisaari has previously acted as the AAE's vice-chair.</strong></p></div>4
Skills requirement survey: financial sector values self-direction requirement survey: financial sector values self-direction19.9.2018 11:00:00<div class="ExternalClassEE3C3D760E8548CA97789ABBE4D5CB4F">​According to the Financial Academy's survey, self-direction skills will gain the most importance in the Finnish financial sector in the future. The survey drew 650 responses from financial sector experts, students and teachers. The Financial Academy conducted the survey as one of several ways to predict the future and determine the types of training employees and students should receive.<br><br></div>1
Financial sector increases transparency in its climate work sector increases transparency in its climate work12.7.2018 15:09:00<div class="ExternalClassDA65E152A0C045E9A310C0F38ED14BEB"><p>​<strong>Finance Finland (FFI) and its member companies have created a reporting framework to monitor climate work in the financial sector. Companies can use it to describe their actions in mitigating climate change and to increase the transparency of their work. To help track results over several years, the framework includes climate indicators. Companies can independently choose how they apply these indicators.</strong></p></div>5
OP Group returns to the fold Group returns to the fold20.6.2018 10:41:00<div class="ExternalClassF6B17755086343EC90F8DE6C9FCE18C2"><p>​The OP Financial Group has announced that they will apply for membership at Finance Finland (FFI). The membership is to take force as of 1 January 2019.<br></p></div>4