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S-Bank joins the common voice of the Finnish financial sector joins the common voice of the Finnish financial sector18.9.2017 9:33:00<div class="ExternalClassAB9240F5BD4E4981AB4FC9AEFC5BC033"><p>​The Board of Finance Finland (FFI) has unanimously approved S-Bank as FFI’s member on 15 September 2017. This is a natural continuation, as S-Bank has participated in payments cooperation with FFI before, and its subsidiary company FIM Asset Management is already a member. S-Bank’s full membership is effective immediately.</p></div>1
Financial Academy brings work and education together Academy brings work and education together15.9.2017 15:08:00<div class="ExternalClassFDBEDB6BBA6C42F0AB48BF95C429284E"><p>​The Financial Academy, a network founded by Finnish financial organisations and educational institutions, looks to predict the future needs and skill requirements of the financial sector. Previous work has shown that expanding skillsets best improves productivity and well-being at work. This is also a key starting point for the Financial Academy.</p></div>5
Free, much-needed money management lessons for primary schools, much-needed money management lessons for primary schools8.9.2017 8:49:00<div class="ExternalClassE37CCAB077874BC386A04B43C8765F59"><p>Finnish primary schools are now offered a new online learning resource, Mini-Zaldo, free of charge. Although social studies were added to the Finnish national curriculum for grades 4 to 6 (ages 10 to 13) last year, financial study materials have been lacking until now. Mini-Zaldo meets this need by introducing a new version of Zaldo, designed to teach finances in primary schools. The first edition of Zaldo is targeted for secondary schools (ages 13 to 16). Both Zaldo and Mini-Zaldo are available at <a href=""></a></p></div>Not to the front page
FFI welcomes Nordea's headquarters in Finland's-headquarters-in-Finland.aspxFFI welcomes Nordea's headquarters in Finland7.9.2017 10:43:00<div class="ExternalClass554F258D587D46E48E17FB1B930F72AC"><p>​Esko Kivisaari, Acting Managing Director of Finance Finland, welcomes Nordea’s decision to re-domiciliate its parent company to Finland. Kivisaari sees Finland’s membership in the eurozone and the banking union as an advantage.</p></div>4
Finance Finland to chair the Nordic Securities Association Finland to chair the Nordic Securities Association31.8.2017 8:52:00<div class="ExternalClass7167407C43C742CEBD9EA5DB2821C470"><p>In July, Finance Finland (FFI) began its term as the chair of the Nordic Securities Association (NSA), an association promoting Nordic collaboration and representing the interests of the Nordic securities sector. The association has operated for almost a decade, with a different member association taking the chair each year. In practice, Finance Finland now administers and runs the work of the NSA board and its committees.</p></div>5