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Insurance sector maintained its positive tone sector maintained its positive tone28.6.2017 8:38:00<div class="ExternalClassBB68140B6EDC443DA10D67F3C7396AB6"><p>​The year 2016 as a whole was positive for insurance companies in Finland. Operating profits were good, and in the investment market the insurers’ year was better than the previous one. Their returns from the equity market also improved towards the end of the year.</p></div>1
Electronic health records have considerable climate benefits health records have considerable climate benefits2.6.2017 11:00:00<div class="ExternalClass7C0A6A571C524CB2803801FB1C61B035"> <span lang="EN-GB">Each year, a stream of hundreds of thousands of health records crisscrosses between health care units, the Social Insurance Institution Kela, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, and pension and non-life insurance companies ‒ most of it on paper. </span><span lang="EN-GB">Finance Finland, Kela, Trafi and the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health have made a sustainable development commitment for the digitalisation of health records.</span><br></div>4
European financial supervision needs more transparency financial supervision needs more transparency2.6.2017 9:37:00<div class="ExternalClass6DC15E6DDB254C74965B04F271125742"><span lang="EN-GB">The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) should make their legislation more transparent and listen to all supervised entities equally, regardless of the size of their Member State. Finance Finland (FFI) has published its review on the ESAs, which have now operated for six years.</span><br></div>5
The Finnish financial sector’s representative is now Finance Finland, FFI’s-representative-is-now-Finance-Finland.aspxThe Finnish financial sector’s representative is now Finance Finland, FFI18.5.2017 13:08:00<div class="ExternalClass9FEE053F4E9242FFB48DD8EC7D32C0C5"><p>​From Thursday 18 May onward, the Federation of Finnish Financial Services is known as Finance Finland. The association’s English abbreviation, FFI, stays the same. Along with the name change, FFI also freshened up its visual identity.</p></div>1
Building everyday workplace well-being together everyday workplace well-being together28.4.2017 10:01:00<div class="ExternalClass33F899B959014223AEF20978E9F70AAE"><p>​​Workplaces and communities should create an open culture built on dialogue and cooperation. Improvements to workplace well-being should be visible in everyday life, not only in speeches and press releases. This is what the LobbausLuotain panel on financial working life thought in a nutshell.</p></div>5