Responsibility and sustainability

The Finnish financial sector operates responsibly and enjoys customer trust that is high in European comparison. For us, responsibility means adhering to the principles of sustainable development and the good practices collectively established by the sector in the fields of securities, banking and insurance.

In addition to rules and regulations, we also carefully consider our social, economic and environmental impacts. The most effective way to influence sustainability and climate action is through sustainable finance – it means steering finance into solutions that reduce carbon emissions and support the goals of sustainable development.


The Finnish financial sector’s customers include consumers as well as businesses. All our customers we treat fairly and equally. Trust and transparency are integral to our customer relationships, and keeping our customers’ data safe is an essential part of this trust.

We invest in the financial literacy of Finns of all ages. Working closely with other organisations and institutions, we improve children and teenagers’ personal financial management skills and develop ways to support the elderly in a world of increasingly digital services. All Finns should have good knowledge and skills in the management of personal finances, as well as an understanding of how the markets function.


The Finnish financial sector employs about 36,000 people. We support life-long learning by training our personnel. Workplace well-being and equality are of paramount importance to us.

Sustainable development in the financial sector

We as a sector are committed to the international principles for responsible banking, insurance and investment. For us, promoting sustainable development means consistent consideration of environmental, social and governance factors in our operations.

Climate change is a global issue that also affects financial stability. The sector is actively involved in climate action and cooperation to reach the goal of the Paris climate accord: limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius. The financial sector makes its biggest climate impact through its funding decision and therefore has an important role in steering investments towards sustainable targets.

FFI has made four commitments to sustainable development, which aim for wise, sustainable use of resources and smaller carbon footprints.

The sector has invested in loss prevention and promotes responsible investing and lending, electronic services, and the well-being of the sector’s employees. FFI member companies have active sustainability reporting practices.


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