Tax policy must be predictable. A predictable operating environment increases companies’ confidence to engage in economic activity in Finland. Going back and forth between policies in corporate and investment taxation must be avoided. Taxation must be neutral – different forms of investment, for example, must be taxed equally.

Taxation must be as clear and simple as possible. Several overlapping taxes on the same activities must be avoided, because they blur the picture of a company’s overall tax burden.

Finland must remain an attractive target for international capital,  and we should not be quick to dismiss the effect of taxes in global markets. This is even more important in these times laden with crisis.

Taxation must support private ownership and wealth creation as well as citizens’ capacity to prepare financially for old age. Income disparities are moderate in Finland, and tax debate should not be adversarial.

It is crucial that taxes are paid in the correct amount, at the right time and to the right country. Tax evasion and shadow economy can be restrained with an international rulebook.


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