Raising awareness of the financial sector’s role and significance

Successful lobbying requires that we also promote widespread recognition of the financial sector’s importance. A well-respected financial sector is a highly valued cooperation partner. FFI wants to reinforce the financial sector’s role and image as a builder of well-being in the society. All sector participants must operate responsibly, and responsibility should be communicated openly. Challenging and sensitive topics should also be up for discussion.

Formulating a joint position and prioritising our lobbying

The financial sector’s operating environment can be challenging, and it is important that FFI is able to efficiently formulate a joint position for the entire sector, to which its members can commit to. This is an important aspect of representing the sector’s interests. Lobbying priorities must be clear, and resources efficiently focused.

Seeking solutions for the customer’s benefit

Traditional financial sector companies are facing more competition while customers have higher demands and regulation is increasing. In select, competitively neutral themes, common solutions can improve customer experience and appreciation for the sector while also creating a competitive edge for Finland.

Identifying changes in the operating environment and responding proactively

It is expected that the next few years will see more political uncertainty and less predictability in the operating environment in Finland, the EU, and global markets alike. It is important for FFI to recognise and react to changes in the operating environment. Efficient forecasting and preparedness will require more information from our members.


Our vision is to be a responsible lobbyist of the financial sector, providing opportunities for the financial sector to increase Finnish and European well-being.


The overarching purpose of Finance Finland (FFI) is to build an operating environment where our members can increase Finnish and European well-being. Responsibility and sustainability are the fundamental strategic cornerstones that influence our lobbying. Our work relies on our member companies’ commitment to responsible business. Responsibility is a key success factor with which the Finnish financial sector can distinguish itself in competition.

Transparent representation of interests

We believe lobbying should be open and transparent. For these purposes we have set the following principles for our work:

  • We openly state who we represent and what our aims are.
  • We give our comments as the representative of the financial sector.
  • We prepare our positions carefully in cooperation with our members, and act at the right time.
  • We acknowledge all relevant viewpoints, including those that disagree.
  • We make sure that our message is understood correctly.
  • We do not offer or accept gifts that may influence our own decision-making or the decision-making of the recipient.
  • We welcome our guests within the normal and reasonable standards of hospitality. 

We are actively involved in European lobbying through the umbrella organisations European Banking Federation (EBF), Insurance Europe, and European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA). We are also an active member in the Nordic Securities Association.

We are also a registrant in the European Commission’s Transparency Register (id 7328496842-09). The purpose of the register is to inform citizens about the groups and organisations that seek to influence EU decision-making. The relations of these interest representatives are governed with a Code of Conduct.