European Union

  • The majority of financial sector regulation comes from the EU.
  • The sufficiency of Finance Finland’s resources for effective EU lobbying must be assessed.
  • EU lobbying can be strengthened by joining efforts with the other Nordic countries, for example.

Finnish economy

  • We promote a functioning market economy and contribute to the drafting of the financial sector’s growth strategy.
  • We emphasise the financial sector’s importance as an economic operator and taxpayer. Sustainable public finances reduce the need to increase the sector’s financial burdens.
  • We actively participate in the upcoming pension reform.

Responsibility and reputation

  • Climate change and biodiversity loss are among the biggest economic threats in today’s world.
  • The financial sector plays a key role in the green transition.
  • The financial sector has its own risks, for example in its investment portfolio.
  • ESG regulation is only increasing, which will also increase costs.
  • The financial sector must be attractive as an employer and as a career option. The sector has struggled with improving its employer image.
  • Finance Finland is an expert organisation that must attract and retain the best talent. Our employees’ competencies should reflect our strategic priorities.
  • Financial sector companies’ opportunities to develop their operations depend on the sector’s image and reputation.
  • Many sector participants feel that the financial sector carries too little recognition and that awareness of the sector’s importance is too low.


Political environment

  • Russia’s war of aggression in Europe is causing political and economic instability.
  • The clash between democracies and authoritarian regimes is growing.
  • The financial sector is becoming a political instrument.
  • The role of the EU and its member states as economic actors is growing, but the plans to simplify and reduce regulation are currently on hold.

Demographic development

  • With Finland ageing fast, the dependency ratio is weakening.
  • The population is more and more concentrated in growth centres, which is increasing social and economic polarisation in Finland.
  • As international competition for labour immigration grows, Finland must work to increase its attractiveness.


  • There is a clear divide in the level of digital literacy and skills among the population.
  • The growing availability of data and AI developments enable new and more efficient business operations. They also give rise to new competition. Questions related to data ownership and the terms and conditions for the use of data require new solutions and new regulation.
  • Cybersecurity must be strengthened in response, which will increase regulation and add expenses for financial sector participants.

Financial sector resilience

  • Cybercrime is growing and evolving constantly. The motives are both economic and political.
  • Cybersecurity must be strengthened in response, which will increase regulation and add expenses for financial sector participants.


Finance Finland is an open and responsible lobbyist.

We propose solutions that benefit both our members and society.


Finance Finland is the voice of the Finnish financial sector in Finland and in the EU.


We work together and help each other

  • We all bear responsibility for the workplace atmosphere.
  • We know we can reach our goals only by working together.
  • We meet the agreed deadlines without sacrificing quality.
  • We encourage each other and give positive feedback for a job well done. We are also open to criticism.
  • We appreciate that we are all experts in our own field.

We break new ground

  • We keep an open mind and engage in dialogue also with critical voices.
  • We seek to learn and share what we have learned.
  • We anticipate future developments together and are ready to stand as an example.
  • We boldly adopt new working practices and let go of the old.
  • We eagerly look for solutions instead of new problems to solve.

We are responsible

  • We consider the impact of our work across the board.
  • We think with a long-term perspective.
  • We present our views openly, neither exaggerating nor downplaying their importance.
  • We ensure our information is reliable. We will also admit if we do not know something.
  • We look after our own wellbeing at work but also care for the wellbeing of our colleagues.