1. Controller

Finance Finland
Itämerenkatu 11–13, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Tel +358 20 793 4200
Fax +358 20 793 4202

2. Contact information

Finance Finland
Itämerenkatu 11–13, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Tel +358 20 793 4200
Email: fa(at)finanssiala.fi

2. Name of the register

Finance Finland’s register for stakeholder news.

3. Purpose for the use of the register

The data are used to manage Finance Finland’s (FFI) memberships, to contact stakeholders when necessary for FFI’s operations, to conduct surveys and questionnaires, and to send out news and invitations. The register is based on subscriptions made at www.finanssiala.fi, and on public information sources. Recipients in the register are sent newsletters based on their subscription, either in Finnish or English.

The use of personal data in the register is based on point (f) of Article 6(1) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), in which the referred legitimate interests are FFI’s operations, and the registered persons are relevant to FFI as representatives of FFI member companies or as stakeholde

4. Content of the register

The register contains information required for purposes specified in section 4. These include:

  • First name and last name
  • Job title and role (responsibilities in the organisation)
  • Contact information: e-mail address, telephone number and street address
  • Newsletter preferences, such as news categories and language

5. Regular sources of information

Data are received from subscriptions with the subscriber’s consent.

6. Regular destinations of disclosed data / transfer to countries outside EU or EEA

No regular disclosures.

7. Principles how the data file/register is secured

The register is stored on a server which only the Controller has access to. No information is disclosed to third parties.