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Responsible business

The Finnish financial sector operates responsibly and enjoys customer trust that is high in European comparison. For us, responsibility means adhering to the principles of sustainable development and good business practice. In addition to rules and regulations, we also carefully consider our social, economic and environmental effects.

The financial sector promotes loss prevention, responsible investing and lending, online services, and well-being at work. Many financial sector organisations have active sustainability reporting practices.

Because climate change affects financial stability, the Finnish financial sector supports actions that aim to restrict global warming to below 2°C as per the Paris Climate Agreement. The financial sector also has an important role in steering investments towards sustainable targets.

Responsibility also includes promoting financial literacy and education to ensure that Finns of all ages have the skills and knowledge to manage their own finances and to understand how markets work.

The Finnish financial sector is also an active participant in the prevention of shadow economy, tax evasion and money laundering, both nationally and internationally.


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