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ETLA report: Insurance could provide additional security for retirement days report: Insurance could provide additional security for retirement days21.1.2020 12:54:00<div class="ExternalClass3A0B03B24508416A91A59A35F9805231"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">Private insurance offers an effective means for personal financial preparedness, concludes a report by the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA). The issue is pressing: the number of 80-year-olds may even double in the next twenty years as the Finnish baby boom generation gets older.</span><br></p></div>1
Financial sector increases cooperation with schools and universities sector increases cooperation with schools and universities14.1.2020 6:38:00<div class="ExternalClassB838742A5889472CAD2FFEA07D93E351"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">The Finnish financial sector is boosting its competitiveness through research and competence development. Cooperation with social partners is providing insight into the future of work in financial services, and collaboration with educational institutions is helping develop education and training to better match the changing needs of working life.</span><br></p></div>4
Insurance workshops have already reached more than 2000 teenagers workshops have already reached more than 2000 teenagers13.1.2020 14:47:00<div class="ExternalClass22E56C62118E4BEBB6AD9893084BC288"><p><span style="font-size:18.2px;">​In 2019, Finance Finland (FFI) organised insurance knowledge workshops to young people across Finland, reaching about 2,200 students in total. The workshops looked into the Finnish public and private insurance systems. Feedback from schools has been only positive, describing the contents as tangible and relatable to the students. Encouraged by these good experiences, FFI decided to fund 50 more workshops.</span><br></p></div>5
What is sustainable and environmental will soon be defined is sustainable and environmental will soon be defined7.1.2020 9:08:00<div class="ExternalClassE6C59A0F85F5471FB665CAADEA21A4D5"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">Now that the European Parliament and Council have reached an agreement on the new criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities, EU-wide rules to determine which investments are green are closer than before. The Finnish financial sector has long supported the harmonisation of these criteria, and trusts the reform will make investment decisions easier.</span><br></p></div>4
Financial sector challenges everyone to join climate action sector challenges everyone to join climate action7.1.2020 7:29:00<div class="ExternalClass2807632EC3054021BA5EBC052EAD8504"><p><span style="font-size:18.2px;">​The Finnish financial sector's sustainable development measures aim at limiting climate change at 1.5°C.</span><br></p></div>4
Financial sector supports the green economy transformation sector supports the green economy transformation20.12.2019 13:29:00<div class="ExternalClass7B4EE77B708C448CB9DD594E8FFE227E"><p>​<strong>The Finnish financial sector is very pleased that the European Commission, presided by Ursula von der Leyen, has taken a comprehensive approach to the issue of climate change in its Green Deal Communication.</strong></p></div>5
Season's greetings from FFI's greetings from FFI20.12.2019 7:48:00<div class="ExternalClass31EECB4544A545AEA930AB7445D05968"><p>Every child is valuable and should feel valued. This year, Finance Finland supports work to protect and care for children at risk of losing parental care.<br></p></div>4
Timo Ritakallio takes up Chair of FFI's Board Ritakallio takes up Chair of FFI's Board19.12.2019 7:07:00<div class="ExternalClass8476E14EC65748E48E7D42799023F258"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">The Board of Finance Finland (FFI) has elected OP Financial Group President Timo Ritakallio as chairman for the 2020 term. Ari Kaperi, who was chair of the Board during 2017–2019, takes on the duties of vice chair. Juha Koponen, recently appointed CEO of LocalTapiola Group, is the other vice chair of the Board.</span><br></p></div>5
Pulling the reins on money muling the reins on money muling11.12.2019 8:34:00<div class="ExternalClass62C41D613E4C427CB3429FF48738247F"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">European banks and finance institutions helped investigate more than 7,500 fraudulent money mule transfers in the latest international efforts to crack down money mule schemes, Europol reports. This prevented a total loss of €12.9 million and resulted in the arrest of 228 money mule recruiters.</span><br></p></div>4
Finns are aware of deposit protection – but the European deposit insurance scheme must not be rushed are aware of deposit protection – but the European deposit insurance scheme must not be rushed10.12.2019 10:50:00<div class="ExternalClassE9FB9BDF37A94D28B3E13ADD2AC357C1"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">According to a survey by the Finnish Financial Stability Authority, more than half (56%) of Finns are aware that Finland has a statutory deposit guarantee scheme. The scheme ensures that Finnish depositors can get their money back even if their bank goes bankrupt. Nearly as many (54%) also knew the maximum protected amount, which is €100,000.</span><br></p></div>5