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EU paints digital financial regulation with broad strokes – the sector expects equal treatment
Vanhanen calls for sustainable investment
Climate criteria must be taken into account in coronavirus recovery
COVID crisis boosts responsible investing: market turmoil presents opportunity for green revolution
ESG data as capital for sustainable development
Finns' work ability is at risk – cooperation needed to protect young people's mental health
Surviving the Great Lockdown must not be our only aim
270,000 households and businesses have requested loan servicing relief from banks
Pilot project found ways to make paying invoices easier for seniors
European financial services associations call for public ESG data register
ESG reporting needs a drastic revision
Monthly fund report now includes ESG metrics
FFI's Karhunen retires with good news: illegal threats soon subject to public prosecution
Claims paid by insurers underwent considerable growth in 2019
ESG data – the capital in the sustainable transition
Finnish banks support the economy during the coronavirus crisis
210,000 households and companies have applied for loan servicing relief
Commission lays out anti-money laundering action plan for the next year
PISA report: Finnish students place second – Financial literacy cooperation must continue
Ritakallio: Return to normal should begin with gradually lifted restrictions
Cybersecurity is promoted through transparency, communication and new operating models
Loan grace periods in high demand – robots speed up application processing
Finnish ESG initiative wins international competition for climate change mitigation ideas
125 years of workers' compensation insurance
Finnish banks offer extra grace periods – opportunity already taken by 63,000 households and 12,000 companies
Finns' financial literacy at a high level – more studies needed
Virtual and central bank digital currencies discussed in FFI's online seminar
Banks are a critical pillar of support during the COVID-19 crisis
Coronavirus shutdowns only rarely covered by business interruption insurance
Ritakallio: Government’s economic package is highly necessary – Finnish financial sector shoulders its responsibilities