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Technical documents

Service and system descriptions and other technical documents.

English ​Finnish


​International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in payments ​IBAN ja BIC maksuliikenteessä
Finnish monetary institution codes and BICs ​Suomalaiset rahalaitostunnukset ja BIC-koodit
Finnish monetary institution codes and BICs (xlsx)​

​ISO 20022

​ISO 20022 Payment Guide ​ISO 20022 -maksut
​ISO 20022 Account Statement Guide v.1.3 ​ISO 20022 Tilioteopas v.1.3
​ISO 20022 Transaction Reporting Guide v.1.3 ISO 20022 Tapahtumaraporttiopas v.1.3 

​Sample files

​camt.053.001.02.English.xsl ​camt.053.001.02.Suomi.xsl

​Electronic account statement

​Electronic account statement, service description ​Konekielinen tiliote, palvelukuvaus

​Finnish AOS (Additional Optional Services)

​Payment of salaries and pensions as credit transfers
​Banks that have joined Finnish AOS and usage rules
Description of the ​AOS1 Payment Date
​Description of the AOS2 SEPA Credit Transfer
Description of the character set used for SEPA Credit Transfers in Finland

​Bar code / QR code

​Bank Bar Code Guide v.5.3 ​Pankkiviivakoodiopas v.5.3
​Use of QR code in credit transfer forms ​QR-koodin käyttö tilisiirtolomakkeella

​Incoming reference payments

​Incoming reference payments, service description v.2.1 ​Saapuvat viitemaksut, palvelukuvaus v.2.1

​Credit transfer

​Credit Transfer Guidelines ​Tilisiirto-opas
​Credit transfer form version 1
Credit transfer form version 2
Credit transfer form version 3
​Tilisiirtolomake versio 1 (Finnish, Swedish)
Tilisiirtolomake versio 2 (Finnish, Swedish)
Tilisiirtolomake versio 3 (Finnish, Swedish)

Direct payment

​Direct Payment Form ​Suoramaksulomake

Creditor Reference

Forming a Finnish reference number
​Kotimaisen viitteen rakenneohje
​Introduction of the Global Structured Creditor Reference in Finnish Companies ​Kansainvälisen viitteen käyttöönotto Suomessa

​Web Services interface

​Web Services Messages v.1.05
​Bank Corporate File Service (wsdl)
​Application Request (xsd)
​Application Response (xsd)

​Tupas Identification Service

​Tupas Identification Service – Identification Principles v.2.0c ​​Tupas-tunnistusperiaatteet v.2.0c
​Tupas Identification Service ​– Identification Principles v.2.0b Tupas-tunnistusperiaatteet v.2.0b
​Tupas Service Description and Service Provider's Guidelines v.2.4
​Tupas palvelukuvaus ja palveluntarjoajan ohje v.2.4
Tupas ​Service Description and Service Provider's Guidelines v.2.3 ​Tupas palvelukuvaus ja palveluntarjoajan ohje v.2.3
Tupas Service Description and Service Provider's Guidelines v.2.2 ​​Tupas palvelukuvaus ja palveluntarjoajan ohje v.2.2
Tupas Service Description and Service Provider's Guidelines v.2.1 ​​Tupas palvelukuvaus ja palveluntarjoajan ohje v.2.1