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A popular form of investment

Saving in mutual funds – also known as unit-linked saving – has been on the increase among Finns in recent years. There are over 450 registered mutual funds in Finland, and a million Finns have made fund investments. The combined assets of Finnish mutual funds totalled €97.3 billion at year-end 2015.

Finnish investors also have access to nearly 500 mutual funds registered in other countries.

A mutual fund is maintained by a fund management company, which collects money from private persons and organisations and invests it in several different securities. These securities form the fund.

The fund management company does not own the mutual fund – its owners are the individuals, organisations and foundations who have invested in the fund. One mutual fund is divided into equal units which give equal rights to the fund's assets.

Mutual funds offer many benefits, the most important of which is risk diversification. Another important benefit is the good liquidity of mutual funds investments: fund units can be quickly turned into cash. Mutual funds present the possibility to invest in outlets that are unfamiliar to private investors and small businesses, and even in outlets that would not normally be available to them.

The rate of return on a mutual fund comes from the development of the investment market, which means that anything that happens in the market is reflected on the value of mutual funds. Product development is active, and as a result, new kinds of funds pop up in the market all the time.

Fund management is regulated by the Act on Common Funds, and overseen by the Financial Supervisory Authority.


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