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Insurance literacy, the ignored branch of financial literacy literacy, the ignored branch of financial literacy19.4.2018 13:44:00<div class="ExternalClass44E478E58EE143AC8B9F0B62F9911570"><p>​<strong>When discussing financial literacy, talk typically turns to over-indebtedness, reckless spending and poor budgeting skills. At the more advanced level, concern is commonly voiced over people's lack of investment skills and courage. Discussion usually ignores insurance literacy, which is only rarely considered a financial skill. Wrongfully so: costs can skyrocket and thus seriously rock personal economy if a risk becomes unfortunate reality for the uninsured.</strong></p></div>Not to the front page
All pay data soon available in the Incomes Register pay data soon available in the Incomes Register23.2.2018 13:24:00<div class="ExternalClass2E06494630DA496EAA3803F9BD2D307D"><p>​Next year, Finland will receive a national income register that includes the pay data of all Finns. Later, in early 2020, the register will extend to also include paid benefits and pensions. The Incomes Register is a welcome reform, with far-reaching benefits. In the future, employers can submit pay data in the register for all authorities to access and thus avoid filing multiple reports.</p></div>Not to the front page
Global solvency regulations align with the European system solvency regulations align with the European system23.11.2017 13:40:00<div class="ExternalClass3CEF7A8AE0B24BFFB5C411CF381B1082"><p>​<strong>When the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) announced in December 2014 that it is preparing global insurance capital regulations, Europe responded with concern. Would the new regulations cause changes to the carefully prepared Solvency II framework? Luckily, these concerns seem to have been in vain: insurers who apply the Solvency II requirements will automatically also meet the global requirements.</strong></p></div>Not to the front page
What Italy's banking crisis taught us: now is not the time to increase risk sharing Italy's banking crisis taught us: now is not the time to increase risk sharing28.6.2017 9:33:00<div class="ExternalClassB01A6C862B534FDDBA4A2C70E4DC59A8"><p>Italy's most recent banking crisis has roused sharp criticism against the functionality of EU's new resolution regime. At the same time it has served as a reminder of the wildly varying financial health of Member States' banking systems. Under these circumstances, increasing risk sharing in the Banking Union is completely unfeasible.<br></p></div>Not to the front page
Finland needs to revive its proactive role in the EU needs to revive its proactive role in the EU13.4.2017 10:05:00<div class="ExternalClassEEA0370E400D4A99A30820D87746F47A">Finland must take part in ensuring fair competition. EU membership is a key element of our political and economic identity, and it’s time for us to reassume an active role in making the EU stronger.</div>Not to the front page
Best working life in Europe is a joint effort working life in Europe is a joint effort6.4.2017 7:39:00<div class="ExternalClass2C7A99DBB3EF44F1B460A3DE707BBDCB"><p>​In Finland, there’s a strong tradition of reaching agreements, and this goes also for the labour market and pension system. The country has set itself a goal: to make Finnish working life the best in Europe by 2020.<br></p></div>Not to the front page
The digital transformation of Finnish insurance digital transformation of Finnish insurance13.9.2016 11:14:00<div class="ExternalClassA506C8BF4B814D00AAFD79FFDB69E2A6"><p>​Finnish insurance celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. The industry emerged from necessity when Finland became autonomous: new insurance policies could no longer be taken out from Sweden, so Finns founded their own fire insurance bureau in Turku.</p></div>Not to the front page
Financial literacy training does not reach those who most need it literacy training does not reach those who most need it29.7.2016 10:21:00<div class="ExternalClass8739299821394157BFAFEEF5E88222B6"><p>​There are more tools for financial training and counselling available than ever before, but they are unable to reach the people who need that help the most.</p></div>Not to the front page
Will the UK lose its economic power? the UK lose its economic power?15.7.2016 11:07:00<div class="ExternalClass110CB84ACC6047A9A7C82714318E58E4"><p>​Results of the UK’s EU referendum have sparked confusion and political storms inside and outside the UK. The consequences of Prime Minister Cameron’s gamble should have been foreseeable, considering EU-related votes in other countries: France, Ireland, Denmark, and the Netherlands have already voted against EU integration. As the UK has had an “EU-negative” reputation for decades, the result of the Brexit vote should come as no surprise to anyone following EU politics.</p></div>Not to the front page
Regulatory sandbox – a testing environment for innovations sandbox – a testing environment for innovations11.5.2016 8:33:00<div class="ExternalClass512D6B8A9B5C4C2185E74D155A5D05F6"><p>​<span lang="EN-GB">Financial sector regulation has multiplied and become more complex in the wake of the financial crisis. This is the case especially when it comes to EU regulation, but national legislative work is by no means unaffected.</span><span lang="EN-GB"> The Constitution of Finland requires more specific regulation of the rights and obligations of various parties, and this can easily double or even triple the amount of regulation i<span><span lang="EN-GB">n many overall reforms</span></span>.</span></p></div>Not to the front page