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Voice of the Finnish financial sector

Finance Finland (FFI) is the common voice of the Finnish financial sector and represents the interests of its members. We are the modern financial sector’s most skilled, most efficient representative nationally and internationally. 

We represent banks, life and non-life insurers, employee pension companies, finance houses, fund management companies and securities dealers operating in Finland. Our members also include providers of statutory insurance lines, which account for much of Finnish social security.

Being the representative of the entire financial sector makes us unique in Europe, where the different types of financial companies typically organise themselves with their own interest groups.

Our mission

Our core mission is to influence the regulation and decision-making that affects the financial sector. We build an operating environment where our members can increase Finnish and European wellbeing through their business.

We raise decision-makers’ awareness of the impact that regulation has on the financial sector and ultimately on the whole society. We bring expertise to legislative processes and take part in societal discussion whenever it concerns the financial sector. We also represent financial employers in the labour market.

Our work can be explored in more detail in the Current topics section, where we present our long-term goals and views on today’s issues. Our international website shows only part of what we do; we also represent the interests of the financial sector in many issues that have more national relevance.

Transparent representation of interests

We believe lobbying should be open and transparent. For these purposes we have set the following principles for our work:

  • We openly state who we represent and what our aims are.
  • We give our comments as the representative of the financial sector.
  • We prepare our positions carefully in cooperation with our members, and act at the right time.
  • We acknowledge all relevant viewpoints, including those that disagree.
  • We make sure that our message is understood correctly.
  • We do not offer or accept gifts that may influence our own decision-making or the decision-making of the recipient.
  • We welcome our guests within the normal and reasonable standards of hospitality. 

We are actively involved in European lobbying through the umbrella organisations European Banking Federation (EBF), Insurance Europe, and European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA). We are also an active member in the Nordic Securities Association.

We are also a registrant in the European Commission's Transparency Register (id 7328496842-09). The purpose of the register is to inform citizens about the groups and organisations that seek to influence EU decision-making. The relations of these interest representatives are governed with a Code of Conduct.


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