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Financial Academy brings together financial organisations and educational institutions

The Financial Academy is a network that unites financial organisations and educational institutions.
The network's aim is to share information and know-how between network members and to increase collaboration between financial organisations and educational institutions to better account for changing needs in the industry.

Through their own training and collaboration programmes, Finance Finland's (FFI) member organisations and educational institutions can also promote human resource development and expertise in the field. The Financial Academy encompasses all educational levels from vocational schools to universities and also includes independent institutes that offer continuing training.

The educational objectives in the field of finance are the following:

  • Education should be practically-oriented and respond flexibly to the financial industry's rapidly changing needs.
  • Training should move from long, degree-oriented programmes towards shorter, more flexible programmes that target key competencies.
  • More finance training should be included on all educational levels. This training should include general business skills, customer service and the management of personal finances.

To reach these objectives, the Financial Academy has established three working groups:

  1. Representing industry interests in education
  2. Learning materials
  3. Training paths and employer image

All working groups welcome representatives from both FFI member organisations and educational institutions.

Representing industry interests in education

Chair Juha Ojajärvi, tel. +358 400 939 269,

Ojajärvi is the principal and CEO at the Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College.

Learning materials

Chair Salla Närhinen, tel. +358 40 450 3465,

Närhinen is the training and publishing manager at Finva Financial Education Ltd, which belongs to Aalto University Executive Education.

Training paths and employer image

Chair Annika Sandström, tel. +358 50 590 2295,

Sandström is the principal lecturer in finance at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

The Financial Academy was established in autumn 2016 at the initiative of FFI's finance work and skills committee. The committee is responsible for the position-taking work regarding the industry's skills needs and the development of working life.

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