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The coronavirus has transformed working life – but employees can still feel happy and healthy coronavirus has transformed working life – but employees can still feel happy and healthy11.9.2020 11:12:00<div class="ExternalClass9C303E7E4BAC4877AC5C22E97535B182"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">The financial sector is a major employer in Finland. Well-being at work is one of the sector’s main themes of responsibility, and now that the coronavirus pandemic has transformed so many lives, the well-being of employees has become even more important.</span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
A call towards a sustainable future call towards a sustainable future20.8.2020 6:18:00<div class="ExternalClassD7522F331F2E4711ACD5BEE1E4E91CC8"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">Many of us have seen that cartoon where a huge Covid-19 wave is about to hit the city. Behind it, there is an even bigger wave of Global Recession, and ultimately an enormous Climate Change wave waiting to hit. I’m often thinking about that picture.</span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
Finnish seniors are pioneers in the modern use of money seniors are pioneers in the modern use of money17.8.2020 6:29:00<div class="ExternalClassAAF0D9C22A4C4E5BA2F3E47383EEB67A"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">Contactless payment has become the most popular payment method in Finnish stores, and Finnish seniors use online bank services more than the seniors in most other European countries do. Managing personal finances digitally is often quicker and more convenient – but it is also safer.</span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
Relief for an economist mother's anxiety's-anxiety.aspxRelief for an economist mother's anxiety11.8.2020 10:19:00<div class="ExternalClassB787193044C0446B90984DBB1AA3ED2B"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">I’m a mother of two school-aged children and a graduate economist working at a major bank. My husband also works in the financial sector. This gives me a strong sense of responsibility, and some pressure, that our children should have good financial skills. They should be the kind of people who weigh their every purchase rationally, put money aside in savings, follow stock prices, and consider the environmental effect of it all.</span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
The end is still nigh with the climate crisis end is still nigh with the climate crisis6.7.2020 13:00:00<div class="ExternalClass3AA4DCDBE1D44C2F958A93A5D4C81AEE"><p>​The coronavirus pandemic almost made the networked world grind to a halt. At some point people will start lifting the economy and the world back on their feet – but what should those feet be like? Governments are becoming more indebted as GDPs fall while debts grow. Recovering from the crisis requires wisdom, which policymakers will hopefully have.<br></p></div>Not to the front page
Real estate investors working for the climate estate investors working for the climate1.7.2020 12:27:00<div class="ExternalClass111301150980486C97A0133AE96C3D03"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">Many financial sector companies are major real estate investors. We have a substantial impact – and therefore substantial responsibility – with the choices we make as real estate developers and buyers. Which energy solutions we prefer, which property services we purchase, and how we promote circular economy can really make a difference.</span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
Surviving the Great Lockdown must not be our only aim the Great Lockdown must not be our only aim16.6.2020 11:51:00<div class="ExternalClassD8C3523913B344CEA75C6914C107EA34"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">A few weeks ago I attended a webinar by Olivier Blanchard, former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund IMF. Blanchard is one of the most cited economists in the world, so I was very much looking forward to hearing his views on how the pandemic has affected public finances globally. </span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
ESG reporting needs a drastic revision reporting needs a drastic revision10.6.2020 12:33:00<div class="ExternalClassB63F525E652C4961A55625ACC9D2958A"><p><span style="font-size:18.2px;"><strong>ESG data collected from companies is used to rate investment targets in terms of how well the companies take ESG factors into account, and how their operations affect the environment and the society. </strong><strong>The Commission is now updating this framework together with the revision of the EU non-financial reporting directive. Finance Finland holds the view that the upcoming update should be an ambitious one.</strong></span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
Cybersecurity is promoted through transparency, communication and new operating models,-communication-and-new-operating-models.aspxCybersecurity is promoted through transparency, communication and new operating models27.4.2020 5:00:00<div class="ExternalClass38EEC13C2C4B4076859E40A2B8558DFF"><p>​<span style="font-size:18.2px;">The financial sector and its operating environment are subject to strict regulation. New rules and recommendations on the sector’s cybersecurity are currently being prepared in European networks of authorities. Side by side with the legally binding requirements, the expectations of customers and stakeholders are also growing. In the constantly changing digital environment, information processing and service provision must be secure and in compliance with data protection provisions under all circumstances.</span><br></p></div>Not to the front page
Banks are a critical pillar of support during the COVID-19 crisis are a critical pillar of support during the COVID-19 crisis7.4.2020 13:04:00<div class="ExternalClassF6753FF4F5D34721A58CC48DA677DE7B"><p>Turbulent times emphasise the importance of cooperation. The will to help is strong; many have rolled up their sleeves, ready to work hard, but successful results require dialogue and flexibility all around. Ever since the coronavirus crisis struck, governments and authorities have been making highly impactful decisions at breakneck speed. Finnish banks were also quick to step up and have taken responsibility to help businesses survive.<br></p></div>Not to the front page