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Financial sector wants to cultivate productivity and well-being

The financial sector is shaken by swiftly advancing technology. Customer behaviour is changing, and traditional face-to-face service and online banking are being challenged by mobile service channels. The financial sector must develop its ways of working to adapt.

The sector is undergoing structural reformation, and its customers’ needs are changing. Employees’ roles have moved from banking and insurance employees toward multi-skilled job descriptions.The sector’s competitiveness is challenged unless it can update its ways of working. 

More and more of the everyday work is performed in service centres spread across the country. Digitalisation and the growing diversity of operations present new challenges and require new management styles.

Customers ask for more consultation and advice, and want to use services without time or location limitations. Employers and employees must join forces to come up with the best ideas that keep customers happy, operations profitable, and employees committed and healthy.

Healthy Financial Sector  new operating models through cooperation

Healthy Financial Sector is a cooperative long-term project that develops new operating models for the evolving work environment. FFI's cooperating partners in the project are Nordea Union Finland, Trade Union Pro, the Union of Insurance Employees VvL, and the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN.

The objective of the project is to increase work well-being, productivity and competitiveness in the sector. It also promotes dialogue between unions. Results from earlier phases of the project are already being put into practice in financial sector companies. In 2016, for example, the project surveyed and published financial sector companies’ best practices, so that they could also be applied and benefited from by other companies in the sector.

The Healthy Financial Sector project is also taken into account in labour market negotiations and collective agreements in the financing and insurance sectors. Due to this being officially agreed, both sides of the negotiations have fully committed to foresight work, which has made it possible to reach shared views on important matters.

A Healthy Financial Sector seminar is held once a year. The last one took place in May 2017, with focus on increasing mutual trust, discussing shared rules, and forecasting the competencies of future work.

The seminar is an important channel to provide input into the upcoming labour market and collective agreement negotiations. It also offers the unions a valuable forum to voice their opinions and enables them to improve their cooperation even further.


Video about the group work in Healthy Financial Sector seminar in May 2017.


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