Digitalisation – an opportunity for progress

The Finnish
financial sector is prepared for the fundamental changes that digitalisation
will bring to the field. The Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FFI)
sees digitalisation not as a threat but as an opportunity to develop.

FFI is carrying out a project called Healthy Financial Sector in cooperation with Finnish labour organisations. One main focus is to discover the possibilities of digitalised banking and insurance services. In addition, FFI has contributed to an Aalto University School of Business study about digitalisation and productivity in the financial sector. One of the conclusions of the study was that every company aiming for growth ‒ be it in the financial sector or any other business ‒ needs a digital strategy.

Banks and insurance companies can succeed in the digitalisation upheaval if they commit to the continuous development of services and their employees’ skills, knowledge and working methods, and if they manage to create a corporate culture that ensures that customer expectations for digital services are met.

At the very moment, FFI is cooperating with labour organisations to adapt to the new digital ways of working. The aim is to prepare for new challenges and possibilities in financial work.