Financial Academy brings work and education together

The Financial Academy, a network founded by Finnish financial organisations and educational institutions, looks to predict the future needs and skill requirements of the financial sector. Previous work has shown that expanding skillsets best improves productivity and well-being at work. This is also a key starting point for the Financial Academy.

​The financial sector is evolving rapidly, both in terms of structure and working methods. New skills are thus needed, with the changing requirements concerning both students and those already in the field. Information technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and customer service are gaining ground increasingly, but work itself is also changing. Mobile and remote work are growing in popularity, transforming managerial work in the process.

Pragmatic cooperation to cast light on future skill requirements

Finance Finland founded the Financial Academy to respond to changes in the labour market. The Financial Academy is a network of organisations and educational institutions in the financial sector, with the objective of increasing cooperation between the participants. The new cooperation model is for the benefit of both students and those already in the field.

Companies in the financial sector have aimed to anticipate future requirements for years. The Financial Expertise 2020 study and the Healthy Financial Sector project clearly indicated that having the right skills plays a crucial role in increasing productivity and well-being at work.

The Financial Academy has set up working groups to tackle practical challenges. These groups focus on predicting future skill requirements, examining possible study paths, creating study materials, planning further training and improving the sector’s employer image. This work benefits both the companies and the educational institutions in the sector.

The Financial Academy consists of FFI members and the main educational institutions in the sector, including universities, universities of applied sciences and vocational schools as well as independent institutes offering continuing training.

Laurea project team approaching financial concepts from all angles.

Haaga-Helia students, eager to learn more about the financial sector.