Finnish schools competed in financial skills

More than one hundred 9th grade school classes participated in the fifth annual Zaldo competition, which tests 15–16 year-old students’ financial knowledge. The competition is related to the website: a gamified learning environment that teaches personal financial skills and money management.

This year’s best performing class was 9A from the Karakallio school in Espoo. Second place was taken by class 9F from Mäntysalo school in Nurmijärvi, and the third by 9C from Olari school in Espoo.

A €500 prize was also raffled among all the school classes that took part in the competition. This year, the prize went to Puistola school in Helsinki.

Puistola school’s history and social studies teacher Paula Suolanen is thrilled: ”The students have found the Zaldo game a fun way to learn, and we entered the contest with enthusiasm. Before they answered the questions, we revised all the materials together, discussing all kinds of topics related to buying and paying, saving and investing.”

This week is devoted to the promotion of financial literacy all over the world. Zaldo is one of Finland’s contributions to the European Money Week campaign. The Zaldo competition is organised by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services, the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE), and Junior Achievement Finland.