Ninth-graders to represent Finland in Brussels for European Money Quiz

Finance Finland is sending two middle school students to the third international European Money Quiz in 2020. The Finnish contestants will once again be picked in the national Zaldo competition. The class with the highest average score in the Zaldo final test can send two students and a teacher to Brussels.

The Zaldo campaign is a set of financial learning materials aimed for primary and middle school students (grades 4 to 9). The materials are produced by Finance Finland and Junior Achievement Finland in collaboration with the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE) and the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion. The highest scoring class in last year’s test was 9G of the Hakkari school in Lempäälä. The European finale had participants from 26 countries in total.

All the 9th grade classes who have finished the final test by the end of next February are in the competition for the place as Finland’s representatives. Primary and middle schools are also spurred to join Zaldo with the incentive of cash prizes, which the lucky winner classes can use however they want.

Promotion of financial literacy on the rise

The Zaldo learning materials are one of the concrete actions with which Finance Finland, on behalf of the entire financial sector, supports the improvement of practical financial literacy in Finland. Other projects include the annual Economic Guru competition and 100 insurance workshops in secondary schools, cooperation for the improvement of financial literacy among the elderly, and a series of seminars aimed at social studies teachers.

Rising awareness of the importance of financial literacy also shows as new cooperation. This year’s Economic Guru competition has new partners from Economy and Youth TAT and the business newspaper Kauppalehti. Kauppalehti will bring the competition new visibility while TAT will increase awareness of the competition directly among general upper secondary school students. The final debates of the competition will be streamed live on the Kauppalehti website in February. Kauppalehti also gifts two months’ digital subscriptions to the teachers and students taking part in the competition.

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