Nordic Countries surveyed financial sector’s future skill requirements

Finland, Norway and Denmark published a joint report on future skill requirements and competencies in the financial sector. The joint report by three countries is the first of its kind. The aim is to find out which types of skills are in highest demand in the future because of the trend of digitalisation.

According to the report, social skills ranked among the top five categories in all countries. In Finland and Denmark, social skills even reached above technological skills, whereas in Norway it was the other way around.

Recognizing flexibility, digital skills, and strengthening competence were high-ranking categories in Finland and Norway. Denmark had strongest skills in customer relationships. Language, international and cultural skills are rated as less important skills in all three surveys.

The respondents in the companies were asked to pick out the 5 most important skills and personal qualities for the employees from a list. In the Finish and Danish surveys, the respondents chose from the top 5 from a list of 36 different skills. In the Norwegian survey, the respondents chose from 17 different skills.

The financial sectors in the Nordic countries employ approximately 200,000 people. They share similar challenges and opportunities in their work as the operating environment is transformed by customer behaviour, digitalisation, robotics and AI.

Skills and competences in the Nordic financial sector