Particularities of the financial sector in Finland

In early 2014 T-Media Oy carried out an annual study on the trends and phenomena of working life. The aim of the study was to help employers evaluate and improve their image as employers as well as to indicate new trends in working life.

​The Federation of Finnish Financial Services requested a special report on the study, which looks at the characteristics of the people employed by the financial sector as well as those who have a strong interest in it. The people interested in the financial sector were divided into those interested in the banking industry and those interested in the insurance industry.

People who are interested in the banking industry are mainly advancers who value high status and position. In choosing a job they emphasise a good salary and possibilities to advance their career. The motivational profiles of those who are interested in the insurance sector are similar to those interested in banking.

The impressions about managerial work in the insurance industry were particularly positive, ranking second in the study. In addition, welfare at work ranks among the highest in the study.