Surveying the future skill requirements of the financial sector

in the financial sector is rapidly changing, and it is now more
important than ever to identify the sector’s future skills needs.
Open-mindedness, flexibility, cooperation and learning skills will be of
key importance in the future of finance, and active communication
between employers and educators helps respond to the changing

A survey targeting Finnish financial sector employers and educational institutions asked respondents to consider the importance of various individual skills in categories such as business, service and communication skills. The results show that employers and educators mainly share the same views on the required skills. Both groups also highlight the importance of active communication between financial companies, organisations and educators, and agree that the future of the sector is difficult to predict with changes in the sector taking place so rapidly.

The survey was conducted by the Financial Academy, which is a network that unites financial organisations and educational institutions. It aims to increase cooperation to better tailor financial training and prepare students for real-world requirements. The academy also serves as a forum for developing and launching practical cooperative projects between educational institutions, banks and insurance companies. These can include projects on shared study materials, training paths, lifelong learning and employer image.

Survey results

Financial Academy