“We must shake up the impression of insurance as something dry and cryptic”– Finance Finland hosted Insurance Europe’s annual conference in Helsinki

Finance Finland’s CEO Arno Ahosniemi opened the conference with a theatrical entrance. In his speech, Ahosniemi highlighted how important it is for the sector to explain the concept of insurance to people in easy-to-understand terms. Photo: Timo Marttila
  • Insurance Europe’s 14th international conference was organised in Helsinki at the end of May. The event drew 320 attendees from all across the world.
  • The conference programme covered topics such as the impact of natural catastrophes on insurance, the upcoming European elections, consumer expectations and regulatory performance.
  • In his opening speech, Finance Finland’s CEO Arno Ahosniemi highlighted how important it is for the sector to describe its work through concrete examples instead of sustainability indicators and investment strategies.
More than 300 participants signed up for the conference. The event was held at the Finnish National Opera House. Photo: Timo Marttila
Frédéric de Courtois, Deputy CEO of AXA Group, was elected the next President of Insurance Europe. The conference marked his first speech in this role. Photo: Timo Marttila
LocalTapiola Group CEO Juha Koponen took part in a panel discussing insurance and the consumer perspective. According to Koponen, essential steps to help young people recognise the added value of insurance include financial education from an early age, effective and digital communication, raising awareness on insurers' important societal role and engaging more broadly with civil society. Photo: Timo Marttila
The Finnish National Opera offered a stylish and spacious setting for the conference. Photo: Timo Marttila
Member of the Finnish Parliament Fatim Diarra (Greens) received roaring applause for her speech on the significance of true diversity and why gender balance in workplaces is not enough. “If you hire a bunch of clones, the ideas they come up will be too similar. A diverse team thinks wider: the more backgrounds and skillsets in a team, the better the result.” Photo: Timo Marttila
President and Group CEO of OP Financial Group Timo Ritakallio emphasised the vital importance of using customer data in a responsible way. “Following rules is not enough – to be a trusted company, you must be very transparent.” Ritakallio was interviewed by Michaela Koller, Director General of Insurance Europe. Photo: Timo Marttila
The programme included three extensive panel sessions. The first examined the effects climate change is having on the industry, the second focused on reimagining the customer journey, and the third discussed the sector’s regulation. Pictured is the third and final session entitled Connecting the dots: Making regulation work. Photo: Timo Marttila

More photographs from the conference are available on Finance Finland’s Flickr account!

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