FFI response to Commission on ESAP IIA

Finance Finland’s (FFI) response to the inception impact assessment for proposal for a Directive/Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council for a European single access point for financial and non-financial information publicly disclosed by companies (ESAP)

  • Finance Finland welcomes the European Commission’s plan to streamline company reporting (both financial and non-financial) in the EU. We have called for a centralized ESG data register and think that accessibility to sustainability
    data should be the priority in building ESAP.
  • Second objective for ESAP should be that companies’ reporting gets easier, instead of making it yet another recipient of financial or non-financial reporting that would only add to companies’ administrative work.
  • Third, a proper administration for ESAP needs to be ensured. It should be operated by a public entity or a public-private partnership to prevent a situation of private monopoly. We support open access to ESAP for different members
    of society, and the data should be available for free or at a reasonable cost.