Summer of green finance

Finance Finland (FFI) has launched a campaign on the topic of green, sustainable finance. The campaign discusses the various aspects of green finance in the form of articles, columns, and podcasts. 

Green finance is the first of FFI’s new theme campaigns. A few times a year, we will be focusing on a particular topic with current relevance.

The green finance campaign, for example, is aimed at ensuring that the goals of green and sustainable finance are not forgotten during the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. This message is aimed at policymakers both in Finland and in the EU.

We are turning the spotlight on the financial sector’s responsibility and the concrete measures and actions it has taken. We are also shedding light on the importance of financing – especially when correctly targeted – in the prevention of climate change.

The green finance campaign continues until the end of August. The campaign will finish with a webinar, with expert speakers from the fields of economy and politics.


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