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Finance Finland's office employs more than 50 financial sector experts. They are organised in five groups: Infrastructure and Security, Legislation, Financial and Prudential Regulation, Public Affairs, and the administrative unit that includes Finance and HR management and Assistant Services.


In the scope of labour market action and collective bargaining, Finance Finland and its member organisations are represented by Service Sector Employers Palta.

Management Group

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FFI's Management Group includes Director of Communications and Public Relations Tuomo Yli‑Huttula, Director of Infrastructure and Security Taina Ahvenjärvi, Managing Director PiiaNoora Kauppi, Director and Chief Economist VeliMatti Mattila, Director of EU Affairs Mari PekonenRanta, Director of Legislation Lea Mäntyniemi, and Deputy Managing Director Esko Kivisaari.

Infrastructure and Security

The infrastructure and security group includes experts in payment systems and infrastructure, electronic authentication, and loss prevention. The group also has expertise on ICT services and development.


Most FFI's legal advisors work in the legislation group. Their areas of expertise cover regulation and legislation in the fields of banking, insurance, securities, investment funds and taxation.

Financial and Prudential Regulation

The financial and prudential regulation group supervises the financial sector's interests in regulatory matters that concern solvency and capital adequacy requirements, resolution, supervisory reporting, financial reporting and accounting. The group also monitors and analyses Finnish financial markets.

Public Affairs

The public affairs group handles FFI's public relations and communications in both Finnish and English. The group coordinates the other groups' best lobbying expertise into action. Its responsibilities also cover market data, CSR matters, member communications and development projects related to working life and education in the financial sector. Members of the group also specialise in issues of ageing and welfare financing. The group organises FFI's various meetings and events for politicians, journalists and other stakeholders.

General Management

FFI is managed by Managing Director PiiaNoora Kauppi and Deputy Managing Director Esko Kivisaari.

General management also includes the administrative group in charge of FFI's financial administration, HR management and assistant services, which enable FFI experts to focus their full potential on their work. 


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